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Chef Claudio Aprile

2019 Culinary Showdown Champion

Chef Claudio Aprile is a world renowned celebrity chef, cookbook author and restaurateur best known as the host/judge of MasterChef Canada. His restaurant, Xango Toronto, located in the heart of Toronto,  offers an exciting twist on Latin and Asian flavours with an eclectic feel. 


Dulce De Leche Crepe Cakes 

Breakfast Recipe 

Dulce De Leche. Need we say more? These crepe cakes are bound to make you go bananas! 


Lobster Carpaccio

Dinner Recipe 

Impress your dinner date with this romantic lobster dish. Transform to a world of luxury with this dish. 


Breakfast Recipe

Spice up your breakfast with these mouth-watering bangcakes. Your sweet tooth will thank you! 


Stuffed Turkey Breast

Dinner Recipe

The show-stopping holiday dish will WOW guests! 



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