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Chef Lynn Crawford

Chef Lynn Crawford is a high-profile Canadian born celebrity chef, best known for her appearances on Iron Chef Canada, Chopped Canada and Wall of Chefs. Crawford is also a best-selling author, with the release of her newest book coming soon in October of 2021!


Spanish Mac & Cheese with Chorizo

Lunch/Dinner Recipe

This cheesy dish has just the right amount of spice to elevate a classic dish. Besides, what's better than comfort food? 


Ginger Cranberry Holiday Punch

Cocktail Recipe

A major crowd pleaser! This refreshing punch contains so many flavours of the special holiday season! 


Chocolate Almond Mousse

Dessert Recipe

This recipe is PERFECT for any and every chocolate lover. Try it out!


Seafood Risotto

Dinner Recipe

Creamy risotto and decadent seafood...What could be better?

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