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Chef Nicole Gomes

With over 20 years of experience, Chef Nicole Gomes has raised in the ranks amongst chefs around the world. After competing in Top Chef Canada, she returned to compete in Top Chef Canada All-Stars in 2017 and was crowned as Canada’s Top Chef, becoming the first-ever female winner. Se is now Co-Founder of Cluck'n'Cleaver in Calgary, Alberta -- an all natural made from scratch fried and rotisserie

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Lunch/Dinner Recipe

Italian culinary perfection on a plate!


Midnight Bite

Appetizer Recipe

An intricate and elegant hors

d'oeuvres -- perfect for a late-night snack!


Apple Beer

Mac & Cheese

Lunch/Dinner Recipe

The perfect mix of sweet and salty! 


Steak & Eggs Crepe

Dinner Recipe

A recipe that helped make Nicole one of two final chefs on Iron Chef Gauntlet!

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