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Your Personal Page

Once you’ve registered, create your own personal fundraising page to tell your story.  Be sure to include a photo and, of course, request donations. We provide a standard message but sharing your personal story has a tremendous impact. Be sure to share:

  • What does this cause mean to you? 

  • Why are you involved?

  • Have you or someone close to you been touched by the West Park Foundation work? 

  • Who are you doing this for?

  • What is your personal fundraising goal?

Spread the Word!

  • Put a donation box on your desk at work.

  • Add that you are participating in the Culinary Showdown and
    raising money to support the West Park Foundation in your
    email signature (with link to your fundraising page

  • Follow the campaign on your social feeds.  Comment on and
    share our posts, create your own posts, and be sure to tag
    The Culinary Showdown. 

  • Link your personal page to any website or blog to which
    you contribute.

Create your own Personal Fundraising Initiative!

  • Dinner Party/Sporting Event - Host a dinner party or watch a
    sporting event with the gang and ask your guests to donate to
    your campaign instead of bringing wine or a host gift.

  • Yard Sale – Declutter your home and host a yard sale to sell
    things you no longer need and donate the profits to your

  • Birthdays - Instead of gifts this year, ask for donations toward your campaign

  • Give-It-Up Campaign - Choose an item, set a timeline, and give it up. Invite friends, family, and co-workers to join your give-it-up campaign and donate those funds to your campaign. That $5 latte or $25 lunch adds up quickly. 

  • Chef’s Table - Ask the owner of a restaurant where you are a frequent patron, to reserve a Chef’s Table and promote that 50% of sales from that table will support the West Park Foundation. 

*With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please ensure that all fundraising initiatives adhere to the COVID-19 safety measures within your region.*

Collecting Donations
Outdoor Dinner Party

Download the Fundraiser Starter Pack 


Download the E-book "How to Fundraise" 

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