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Your Personal Page
Once you’ve registered, you can create your own personal page on the website to tell your story, post a photo, and of course, request donations.  A standard greeting is provided, but personal stories have a tremendous impact.  What does this cause mean to you?  Why are you involved? Have you or someone close to you been touched by Epilepsy South Central Ontario?  Who are you doing this for? What is your personal goal?

Spread the Word!

  • Put a donation box on your desk at work.

  • Add that you are participating in the Culinary Showdown and

          raising money for a great cause in your email signature (with

          link to your fundraising page)

  • Comment on the campaign on your Facebook or Twitter feed.

  • Comment on Facebook, Twitter about the event and how close

          you are to your personal fundraising goal.

  • Link your personal page to any website or blogs you contribute


Create your own Personal Fundraising Initiative!

  • Dinner Party/Sporting Event - Next time you host a dinner party

          or watch a sporting event with the gang, ask your guests to

          bring a donation instead of wine.

  • Yard Sale - Sell things you don’t need any longer and donate the

          profits to your team. You could even have a joint yard sale with

          some of your team members.

  • Birthdays - Instead of gifts this year, ask for donations toward

          your team.

  • Give-It-Up Campaign - Chose an item, set a timeline, and give it

          up. Invite your friends, family, and co-workers to join you in a

          give-it-up campaign or to create one of their own. That $5 latte

          or $25 lunch can add up quickly. 

  • Chef’s Table - Ask the owner of a restaurant you frequently eat at to reserve a Chef’s Table and promote that 50% of sales from that table will support Epilepsy South Central Ontario. You can create signage for the table with information about the Foundation and how guests are helping those effected by Epilepsy by eating at that table. 

*With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please ensure that all fundraising initiatives adhere to the COVID-19 safety measures within your region.*


Collecting Donations
Outdoor Dinner Party